When did people start thinking condescension was sexy?

I had the distinct pleasure of running into an ex while out at a bar with my husband and friends recently.

“Ex” might be too familiar of a term to describe someone I dated casually for about four weeks.

On his way out he walked right by me so there was no avoiding saying hello without going uncomfortably out of my way to escape.

So we said hello and I introduced him to my husband and a couple friends I was standing with.

Now this particular character was always highly skilled at maneuvering private conversations in public spaces, and in about two seconds he managed to get enough space between me and my companions to do just that.

He did not, of course, ask anything about my recent marriage.

Instead he asked about my job, and when I told him I am a producer at a local news station, he responded, “Really? I thought you said you wanted to be a writer?”

So I jumped into a quick defense, explaining how I am writing constantly while at work.

He questioned that, saying that it sounded more like I was in charge of things than that I was writing at all.

I tried to explain the difference between the definition of “produce” and the role of a television news producer, but I ended up just trying to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

He offered me financial advice, since he’s working as a broker these days, and finally exited, but not before pulling me in for a quick kiss on the cheek.

A bold move in front of my husband, needless to say.

The whole situation left me with an unsettled feeling and I immediately regretted wasting even a minute defending the current status of my life and career.

And then I regretted letting someone like that inspire any sense of regret.

What a long and boring cycle.

Hopefully it didn’t lead to a long and boring story. Please share your comments and questions below.


No I didn’t disappear, I just threw a surprise wedding

For the past few months it’s been impossible to write anything for my blog because all I could think to write about was the only topic I really had to avoid.

That topic was my wedding.

I couldn’t write about it not because I was paralyzed by cold feet or because I was just too busy pouring over 50+ napkin styles.

I couldn’t write about it because it was a secret.

My husband and I wanted to do something different, something that would be a once in a lifetime experience for our friends and family.

We viewed it as a gift, a special treat we were giving to our guests.

How many people can say they have been to a surprise wedding?

With that idea in mind, we forged ahead making all the necessary arrangements, calling it our “engagement party” the whole time.

It wasn’t always easy.

I had to lie to friends and family that in more normal circumstances would have been my bridesmaids.

We both had to put some pressure on — without spilling the beans — to get some important people there.

In the end, the whole experience was recieved well by our guests and we got the magical experience we were hoping for.

There will be several more posts coming on the topic of surprise weddings, including a how-to and some retrospective dos and don’ts so keep an eye out!

Is two weeks too long to fall in love?

I met a charming political wannabe a few weeks ago while reporting on a zoning hearing board for the online publication I write for (one of my many jobs). I was impressed by his eloquence while addressing the board and his candidacy for city council at the youngest age possible. In a sea of sweaty drunk guys or, worse yet, college bros, the prospect of meeting someone not in a bar, let alone someone so ambitious, felt refreshingly promising.

He took me out for ice cream on a Friday night. We went to see a movie a few days later, the first Monday night I had had off for months. Then I worked my usual schedule: the random day requirements of owning a food truck and the consistent evening assignments of being a reporter. That weekend I had prearranged plans made well before I met this new prospect to go to D.C. The next week I jumped back into my normal work week leaving only the following weekend as any real open time for me to go on a date again.

Is a week and a half really too long to go without seeing someone you just met? Is constantly texting someone you basically don’t know at all the modern way of getting to know someone?

In this situation, the answers to those questions was a resounding YES. He ended up all but blowing me off for our eventual date, sending me a text reading: “Actually Olivia- I gotta tell you I’m a very honest person and when I met you I thought you were a great girl but communication with you even to get to know you as a person is minimal at best. Perhaps what you’re looking for and what I’m interested in and two different things- idk but I’m a very busy dude and don’t really have time for that.”

For someone who’s so busy, he seemed to have ample time to text me a “good morning” and push to continue that conversation for the entire day. This, to me, seems like a false way to get to know someone. If you want to know me, spend time with me. Take me out for dinner or see a movie with me or grab drinks with me once a week for a while and let things naturally progress to a point where we care enough about each other to want frequent updates about what the other person is doing.

Yesterday afternoon he called me out of the blue to reiterate everything he had said via text over the weekend. I actually held my phone away from my ear for the last two minutes of his six minute rant about how he is 26 and doesn’t have time to wait a week and a half to see someone and how valuable his time is because he’s a “busy dude.” He required no input from me in this “conversation” where his maxims of respecting his own time seemed to apply to me not at all- he was fine with ignoring my texts the day of our date and not firming up plans for a time or location. He was happy to require that I spent a huge portion of my day constantly responding to his texts. He all but accused me of being disinterested and cold because of my work schedule and my plans to go out of town.

Try taking things slow, dude. And stop referring to yourself as “dude.”


Mad Decent Block Party

It was a sea of high waisted jean shorts, crop tops and twerking. Oh the twerking! I had never seen anything like it. Major Lazer, the headline performer, invited maybe 20 girls onstage to show off their twerking skills, which really only consists of shaking your butt at the highest speed possible in various positions. Some girls even went into a sort of downward-facing-dog position, with their feet resting on the giant 8′ speakers in the middle of the stage, to twerk at a whole new level. Miley would have been proud. 

I, of course, showed up in probably the most hippie/bohemian dress I own, making me the fanciest and most covered up person there. Somehow I had not gotten the crop top email when I bought my ticket…

Luckily I attended the event with some very knowledgeable (on the subject of electronic music) friends who filled me in on the whole Mad Decent Block Party concert we were at while the performers crowd surfed and a red powder exploded over the crowd from the stage. This red powder, that hit even us further back in the crowd, left some of us, mainly Nicole, looking blood spattered and definitely caught me off guard when I saw her and she looked like she had just been in a car accident. It took me a minute to remember; it’s just powder. 

While I would not normally seek out a concert of this nature on my own, I think it’s always nice to have friends who will expose you to new things and help you push your own bounds a bit. Plus, the mini college reunion with so many people I had not seen since graduation ended up being more fun than I could have imagined.

I know this post strays from my usual blog topics, but this concert and it’s surrounding scene were basically like traveling to a whole new world. It was wanderlusting right in my own state. 

Hikin’ & Truckin’

My fundraising for the Xtreme Hike for Cystic Fibrosis has been going exceptionally well! I have been amazed by the support that my family and friends have shown. My training efforts for the 20 mile hike have been halted for about a week now because I have had the extreme misfortune of picking up bronchitis while on vacation at the beach. Really just my luck. However, I am just about recovered so I will be back to my routine grind at Warrior Fit gym, who has donated their services for the summer to hikers training for the big event in September.

As for the food truck, we had our grand opening last Saturday which was a smashing success. Since then, things have gotten a little rough. I am not surprised in the least that we have seen some resistance from local business and property owners about where we park. On Monday, we had been invited to park at Paint Some Pottery in Tilghman Square in Allentown. The turnout throughout the lunch hour was dismal so the abrupt phone call we received a few hours later was not too much of a disappointment. We were told in no uncertain terms by the property owners of Tilghman Square that we were never again allowed to park anywhere in the complex and would face immediate towing otherwise. For some reason the caller on the other line, calling from a New York number, felt that that conversation could go on and on about the towing and the towing and, did I mention he said he would tow us? My sister cut that conversation short and so ended our parking invitation at Tilghman Square, which was no real loss because business had been so slow there.

Last night we had plans to park near the Iron Pigs stadium which quickly fell apart because our generator has been giving various amounts of white smoke which all but engulfed our truck (and my sister, who had just turned it on). No one wants to eat pies in a cloud of generator exhaust, so we closed up shop and set to brainstorming how to solve this next hurdle, preceded by about a million more, in food truck life. A definite disadvantage here is that none of us (me, my mom, my dad or my sister) know anything about generators. I can barely manage to turn it on. (Is it press the on-button, pull out the choke and run for your life? Or, pull out the choke, press the on-button and do the necessary dance to please the generator gods?) Hopefully we will get this situation under control ASAP with the help of some real professionals…

Anyways, if you get the chance, please take a look at my donation page for the Xtreme Hike for Cystic Fibrosis.


Hiking for Cystic Fibrosis

Hello Readers!

As some of you may know, Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that runs in my family. I have watched my little sister grow up with it for the past 21 years. She has been surprisingly healthy, but that is not always the case for the 30,000 children and adults living with CF in the United States (70,000 worldwide.) It is the most fatal genetic disease among children and young adults in the US. More than ten million Americans are symptomless carriers of the defective CF gene.

On September 7th I will hike 20 miles of Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania to raise funds and awareness for CF. I need to raise $3,000 to participate, and would love your support.

Please visit my donation page for more info: http://www.cff.org/LWC/dsp_DonationPage.cfm?idEvent=24912&idUser=306079.

Feel free to pass along this information to friends, family, coworkers… anyone you think might be interested! I am always available to answer any questions through the comments section of my blog. Thank you so much in advance for your support!

Sugar & Spice Pies

Dearest readers,

I wanted to take a moment to update you all on my newest endeavor: opening a food truck and catering company with my sister in Allentown, PA. Sugar & Spices Pies will be serving savory and sweet pies out of our truck on a daily basis. Our menu includes some of my favorites, like our pulled pork pie with pickled onions and an apple, orange slaw or our “Sweet William” mini pie of caramelized bananas and Nutella mousse, amongst many others.

"Sweet William"- Caramelized Banana and Nutella Mousse mini pie
“Sweet William”- Caramelized Banana and Nutella Mousse mini pie
Pulled Pork Pie with Pickled Onions and an Apple, Orange Slaw

We also offer catering services which we have been practicing already with a couple of events so far. The benefit of hiring a food truck to cater for you? No mess in your kitchen! We can cook and serve entirely from our truck, keeping the mess and chaos out of your party area. Because we are mobile, we can also cater events at places that may not have a kitchen at all. My sister is a chef so we can basically make anything a client may want. We’ve been able to whip up some fun and interesting menus already, like a wedding with a BBQ station, potato bar, corn on the cob bar, salad station and a make-your-own popcorn bar with tons of toppings.

Some newer aspects of our business plan include cooking class parties, where we can bring something new and fun to your dinner parties by teaching you and your guests to make a new dish. We are also running an Easter pie sale right now. Italian Easter pie is a traditional savory pie filled with eggs and a variety of meats and cheeses. Coconut cream pie has a creamy coconut custard topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut. I am also really excited about our coconut bunny cake because my family has been making them for Easter for years. We make a vanilla cake and then cut out pieces to make a bunny shaped cake. We then top it with a marshmallow frosting and coconut and use jelly beans to add a face to the bunny. It is decorative and delicious at the same time.

You can find out more about my new food truck and catering company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@sugarspicetruck) and on our website.